Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Luggage Logistics

While wrestling our luggage on and off the Cassiopeia a few days ago, it dawned on me that what we should have done is taken out of our respective bags just what we needed for the night on the train and then had the hotel ship our bags down to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel here in Tokyo, where they would be waiting for us when we got there. We're used to thinking in American terms, where convenient luggage-delivery services don't exist. And as far as having oversize luggage on the train goes, an Amtrak overnight train has an area on each car where you can store the big bags while you only carry the small ones up to your room.

Ah, well, like many of the things on this trip, this is something we'd do better if we were doing the trip again someday.

Speaking of luggage, we have to do some shuffling today if we want to not be loaded down with luggage. If we knew that the train station in Chioshi had the large-size lockers -- one of my bags won't fit anything smaller -- we could take our stuff out there on the limited express we expect to take this morning. Because we do not know this and don't want to get stuck in a bind, we'll instead take our luggage the short distance up to Tokyo station, store them there, then take the limited express to Chioshi and spend the day exploring that area and its quirky local train, then come back to Tokyo on another limited express, get our bags, and return to Narita and our hotel nearby. Fortunately, we can sleep in tomorrow.
Tags: japan, trains, travel

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