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Final Night in Japan

Have made it to the Holiday Inn Narita Airport, after a long day playing with trains in the Japanese countryside. I will post back-dated entries about it later, but wanted to check in right now from the hotel once I got the internet working.

I turned in my rented phone. Like it seems everyone else who rented phones from G-Phone, the people at the desk had no idea about the deal offered to us with no minimum usage charge. (This despite the fact that there is a prominent sign at their desk announcing that this is where Nippon 2007 members can turn in their mobile phones.) It's only about a $30 difference in what I'll pay, but it's the principle of the thing. They say they'll investigate and let me know later what goes on. But anyway, that's one less thing I have to do tomorrow before my flight, which isn't until late in the evening anyway.

The luggage I had delay-shipped from Yokohama was waiting for me when we arrived, which was a great relief.

This hotel is the most Western-style in which we've stayed, which means the room is spacious and you can't do anything without having a car. It's so isolated that the hotel runs a one-shot shuttle bus to a local convenience store at 22:00 (only), waits for you ten minutes at the konbini, and takes you back to the hotel. We're booked for the shuttle ourselves. I think that we're going to miss having 24-hour convenience stores practically on our doorstep.

For anyone trying to contact me, I expect to be at this hotel until maybe Monday, September 17, 1200 local time at the latest, but then to be without internet access except maybe in the Northwest WorldClub or equivalent in Narita Airport and at Honolulu until we get to Portland, which won't be until around Midnight that same day local time in Oregon. Bleah. In other words, expect contact with me to be sporadic until you see otherwise from me here.
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