Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Open Source Worldcons

Over on SF Awards Watch, one of the discussions has been about a Permanent Hugo Administration Technology Committee. It's one of the few things to which I've had a chance to comment as I run around Japan, and indeed, it's only because my flight tonight isn't until after 9 PM and I have late check-out here at the Narita Holiday Inn that I'm taking the time to mention it here.

I was particularly tickled by Cheryl's comment that likens Worldcons to open-source software:
Any suggestion that someone might try to copyright the code is met with immediate and fierce resistance, and quite right too, but in the meantime you can’t get anything done without the hard work of a bunch of volunteers, many of the plugins are bug-ridden, and the documentation is crap.
I hadn't thought of it like this before, but I think she's right on the money here.

Okay, back to trying to figure out how to pack these bags and keep each bag under 50 pounds.
Tags: hugo awards, worldcon

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