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End of Track

I've posted a back-dated entry about our trip to Chiba to ride the monorail there today and about wringing as much value out of the Japan Rail Pass as we possibly could. It's just gone Midnight here, so our three weeks of train travel are now officially over. Of course, originally we would have been part-way across the Pacific by now, but instead we're laid up in the hotel here taking it easy before going to bed. And we do have to be up early enough in the morning to get cleaned up and take advantage of the included breakfast before being out of here for the 11:30 shuttle back to Narita Airport.

All in all, I'm amused that Northwest ended up putting us on the flight we wanted to take in the first place but which they wouldn't give us due to their policy on frequent-flyer mileage use.
Tags: airlines, japan, travel

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