Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rip Van Winkle Awakes

We got back to Mehama around 11 AM yesterday morning, having arrived at PDX just before 9 AM and having cleared Customs & Immigration in a snap. For a change, the "priority" tags on our luggage actually worked, and we were out of the international arrivals portion of the terminal on the same shuttle as the airline crew. I reckon that many of the people on our flight were probably still waiting to get through immigration by the time we left the airport.

My co-worker at whose house I'd parked my van had family matters to deal with today and couldn't come get me from PDX, so we took a taxi to his house, where my van was parked just as I'd left it. We got our mountain of luggage into my van, I left him a small gift and a thank-you note in a bag on his front door, and we set off for Mehama.

Driving the 100 miles or so back to Mehama was no picnic. I hadn't been able to sleep on the plane for various reasons, and my body was telling me it was about 1 AM and time to sleep. We stopped at a Jamba Juice in Wilsonville for a shot of energy, and somehow I stayed awake long enough to get us home. Lisa reactivated the trailer as quickly as she could, we brought in minimum luggage, I got my CPAP running, and we fell into bed between 11 and Noon. I know they say you shouldn't do this due to the jet-lag concerns, but we were utterly exhausted.

I slept for 17 of the next 19 hours, awaking at 10:30 PM last night for a couple of hours. I actually felt not too bad this morning. This may be one other way to overcome jet-lag. Mind you, I'm temperamentally suited to hibernation.

Anyway, I'm back to work (from my father-in-law's home) today, and I have mountains of e-mail to wade through. I tried to stay partially on top of things while traveling, but much of it was put into "read and process after you get back" folders, and I was mostly only able to do basic spam-killing so that my inbox wouldn't exceed company-mandated size limits.

Fingers crossed that this will be a quiet day at the office.
Tags: travel

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