Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home, One Month Later

And at 20:00 local time, just over ten hours after I left Yreka this morning and just short of one month since I left, I rolled into the driveway here in Fremont.

Unfortunately, as I didn't call ahead to my grandfather's house, I discovered when I showed up that he'd gone to town. This is relatively rare, so I wasn't expecting it. I do have a key to the house -- I used to live there myself, many years ago, and the key is still there -- so I let myself in, left a note for him, and left bags and notes with the presents for my mother, sister, and nephew. For all that this was roughly a two-hour side-trip for me, it's still better that I got things to people now rather than later.

Then it was the too-familiar slog back into the Bay Area, with the permanent Sunday Slowdown from the I-505 junction to the I-680 junction, and another hour or so after that back to Fremont.

I am going to unpack the minimum necessary to get finished tonight and what I'll need for tomorrow. The rest can wait. My suit has been folded up in my luggage for three weeks now; one more night isn't going to do any further harm to it. (I reckon I should take and have it professionally pressed, though.)
Tags: family, trave

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