Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fit Feet

I got a call a couple of days ago from my podiatrist's office. The custom-cast orthotics had arrived early, and I could come and have them fitted, so I did so yesterday afternoon. Oh, what a difference! I wish I'd had these before the trip to Japan. I spent a lot of time on my feet (yes, I spent a lot of time on my seat on a train, too, but that's beside the point), and I can definitely feel how much of a difference these orthotics make in holding my feet in a better position.

The podiatrist also showed me the X-rays. As suspected, I have some pretty good heel spurs on both feet. We will continue the progressive course of treatment. Losing weight would make a difference, too, as it would reduce the load.
Tags: feet
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