Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Another Memo I Didn't Get

Not every mention of Worldcon turns up in my daily Google Alert. I stumbled across this Worldcon/Japan trip report this morning. I enjoy reading trip reports like these, but I did hit a bit of a bump in the road on this:
The most senior committee members may receive some compensation since for them it is very much a full time job....
Say what? There was monetary compensation of some sort for this job? First time I've heard of it.

In complete fairness, the rest of what he says about how Worldcon is complete fan-run and so forth is quite true, and I appreciate people noticing it. I left him a comment asking what he means by "compensation." I don't deny that there are minor perks of the job. In 2002, I got a somewhat reduced-price room ($99/night), and was eventually reimbursed for room nights before or after the nights we would expect a regular Worldcon attendee to take anyway (and that meant the night before the convention wasn't reimbursed -- we assumed the night before the convention through the night after it ended, or Wednesday through Monday nights for a "traditional dates" Worldcon), and some other expenses, but I certainly was never paid a salary or stipend of any sort.
Tags: conjose, nippon 2007, worldcon

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