Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Parting Shot

Despite what I wrote a few minutes ago, I'm not gone yet, but I've moved, and am now sitting here in the lobby of the Calgary Westin by their lobby fireplace, and I decided just to check and see if the wireless service happened to be on the same system as the wired service. (At some hotels they come from different vendors.) Turns out that they do -- the login for the one works on the other. Somehow, during Westercon here, I'd gotten the idea that they were separate systems and separate charges. Wish I'd realized they were the same during Westercon; it would have saved me sticking around downstairs working on my e-mail when I could have been more relaxed in my hotel room.

Whoops, here comes Randy. Time for me to leave.

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