Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Yard Work

After having spent six or so hours on top of the old house yesterday, Lisa decided she wasn't really up to going up there again, so we got the tall ladder and she went up it and worked the medium-sized ladder off of the roof. Instead of roof work, we spent today cleaning up the moss and other debris she knocked off the roof today. Based on the capacity of the wheeled cart in which we hauled stuff, we estimate that we hauled about 2 cubic meters of moss and rooftop debris away, and that was just the stuff we could reach. There's a fair bit that has fallen behind bushes close to the house, and is very difficult to reach.

After four hours of debris hauling, we said that was enough, so we got cleaned up and went into Salem to have a late lunch/early dinner and buy groceries.
Tags: lisa, oregon

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