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Ken Uhland Award

I was informed a few weeks ago that SiliCon planned to present me with the Ken Uhland Award for service to Bay Area fandom. They (not surprisingly) expected I would be attending on account of I'd purchased a membership; however, after I'd bought it, the business up in here in Oregon came up and I gave my membership away. Given that for Worldcon purposes, I was designated johnnyeponymous, I asked him if he would substitute for me at SiliCon, and he agreed, for which I'm very grateful. I sent him an acceptance speech as well. He, of course, had the benefit of knowing that he'd actually have to present it.

Kevin originally planned to attend SiliCon, but a family commitment called him away to Oregon, so he asked me to accept this award for him and to say this:

"I am flattered and honored to have been presented with this award. I'm sorry that I could not be there at SiliCon to accept it in person, particularly because SiliCon was the first Bay Area convention where I worked in a significant position, editing the daily newsletter back in the late 1980s.

"I'd like to thank the many people who, over the years, have helped me in Fandom. I wish I could name individuals, but if I did so, Chris would be here all night, you folks would quickly get bored, and the people I inadvertently omitted would be furious at me. But you all were important. Everyone in Fandom is important in their own way.

"I think that Fandom is like a big pot-luck dinner where every single person brings something to the table and everyone kicks in a few bucks to pay for the hall where we're eating the meal. Now, we all know that at a pot-luck dinner, some of the dishes are magnificent, and others are, well, best left for someone else. But we always know that each of us should be able to find something he or she likes. And furthermore, without every one of us bringing something to the table, the meal doesn’t happen.

"In the over twenty years I've been in Fandom, I keep finding things that I like at this giant pot-luck dinner, and it's not just my own cooking. I hope the same is true for all of you here tonight, and that it always will be so.

"Thank you all, and keep on cooking!"

I admit to being slightly embarrassed to be presented with an award for service to Bay Area fandom and then not being able to accept it in person because instead of going to a Bay Area convention, I went off to Oregon to work on an old house with my wife. But SiliCon's people reassured me that this was not a problem. I at least did what I could to make sure my membership didn't go to waste by giving it to someone who could use it.

I really am flattered to receive this award. Thank you again to SiliCon, and to Chris for accepting it on my behalf.
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