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Captain On Deck

I'm really glad I had no program items this morning. It meant I could sleep in and get a leisurely breakfast -- which, by the time I got it, turned out to be more like lunchtime, but never mind.

The morning issue of the newsletter included an announcement regarding the SFSFC-hosted reception for me tonight, including the Board of Inquiry into the matter of the Armadillo. Accordingly, I'll be around today in my captain's uniform, trying to be on my best behavior. I understand that testimony on both sides has been lined up from near and far.

The question is: do I want to be cleared or not? As I said at Interaction when Colonel David Gallaher advised me that he would be convening a Board of Inquiry, "But that means they might never let me have a command ever again! Hey, wait a minute: that might not be so bad after all."
Tags: cascadiacon, nasfic

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