Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

From Portland, [Not so] Briefly

It's very busy here at PDX this evening, where my flight to Oakland is delayed 45 minutes but not oversold. The former meant that I had time to go have a relatively leisurely dinner after checking in, but it also means that I won't be able to take the Capitol train home because I won't connect to it. Instead, I'll have to take BART and a taxi home from there. Oh, well, such is the way of travel.

Unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity yet to download either of the Rugby World Cup semi-final matches, so I don't have a match to watch on the flight tonight. (I tried setting up a download while I was eating dinner, but it said that it would take about three hours.) I do have a match from the New Zealand national league, though, and Cheryl says it's a good one, so all is not lost. And I loaded the half-battery into the CD-ROM bay, so there's no chance of running out of power partway through. (But it isn't a very long flight anyway.)

I've always thought that PDX was a nice airport, especially since the Concourse B/C renovation was finished. It appears that other travelers thing so as well, as Conde Nast Traveler awarded PDX Airport of the Year status for 2006.

Update, 18:40: Good thing there's more than one way to get home from OAK. We're still stuck here waiting to go. The delayed inbound equipment was first announced as "needing additional servicing," followed by "we have swapped equipment; the new plane will be here shortly," to the new equipment taking a lot longer to get ready than expected. As I write this, they're saying, "Ten more minutes," but they've been saying things like that for the last half hour or so. At least PDX is a comfortable place to wait.
Tags: rugby, travel

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