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Home Again

As it happens, that "ten minutes" in my last update was finally the right one, and we finally got under way about 1:15 late. By the time we'd boarded, I'd watched the first half of the rugby match from the Air New Zealand Cup, and I watched the second half on the way to Oakland. I wondered why my battery seemed to be draining away so quickly, and realized I had the battery management set to maximum performance, which you don't really need just for watching videos like this. I reset it to "Maximum Battery" -- which put the processor into slow speed but didn't affect the playback -- and the drain rate slowed considerably.

Bags took a fairly long time to get off the belt at Oakland. The AirBART bus was right there as I was coming out of the terminal, but unfortunately I missed the train for Fremont by fifteen seconds and had to wait the full twenty minutes until the next one. Then it was a short taxi ride back to the apartment and I am finally home. Current plans have me being able to stay here the next five weekends, although that may change if, as threatened, my department ends up holding an all-hands meeting up in Portland in mid-November. I think I'd rather they do it then than early December, because I'd be unhappy if the meeting ended up colliding with the trip to SMOFCon for which I already have airline tickets. (OTOH, as the SMOFCon trip is on frequent-flyer miles, it's possible I might be able to rebook it without penalties. But I'd rather not have to even try.)
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