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AirBART On-Board Entertainment

I forgot to mention this story last night. I boarded the AirBART bus at Terminal 1, where there were few passengers, but at Terminal 2 -- the Southwest Airlines stop -- the bus filled all of the seats. (No standees for a change; this bus is pretty popular, and profitable at $3/person, but I digress.) As I am a considerate bus rider, I put my bag on the rack and went to the back corner of the bus, getting out of the way for other passengers. Other people held their bags in the aisle, blocking access, or tried to put them in seats, or otherwise acted anti-socially. And speaking of anti-social behavior, one of the people who sat in the back section of the bus near me whipped out his mobile phone and called his girlfriend in Southern California, and for the entire ride from the airport to the BART station, all of us in that bus were subjected to him going on and on about his love life, how he wished she'd move to Walnut Creek, how he'd try to come back next weekend, how he really enjoyed their visit to the zoo that weekend, and so on. He seemed completely oblivious to the fact that he was doing this in front of an audience. I tried not to listen and concentrated on my book.

When we got to the BART station, he was one of the first people up, and he continued to chatter away as he left the bus. As he left, nearly the entire back of the bus, including I must confess me, cracked up over this poor oblivious fellow. One man on the bus shrugged and said, "So much for the floor show."

I might add that I'm afraid that this guy had what I thought was a "fannish" look about him. Not that every person with social obliviousness is a fan, but it seems to track high with people I think of as fannish. Including, from time to time, me.

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