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Money, Money, Money

At last night's BASFA meeting, Cindy Scott (incoming SFSFC treasurer) met with Craige Howlett (outgoing SFSFC treasurer) to exchange papers and the SFSFC checkbook, and I delivered to Cindy a draft from CWSFA for USD 1,510, which represents the reimbursements due to US resident members of Westercon 58. As I mentioned previously, SFSFC agreed to act as CWSFA's agent, which saves a bunch of currency-conversion charges for CWSFA.

Those people due reimbursements who happened to be at the meeting (kproche and, er, me) got their checks that evening. (Sorry, dinogrl.) Cindy will write the rest of them this week and get them to me, and I will deal with sending or delivering them to the rest of the recipients along with a thank-you note from the co-chairs of Due North, John Mansfield and Randy McCharles. Assuming Westercon will give me addresses (I don't personally know all of these people, just most of them), I expect to either have them in the mail by or hand-deliver them at SMOFCon in Portland, so people get a small Christmas present from Westercon.
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