Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More News Coming

I just remembered to cross-post the SFSFC scholarship announcement to siliconventions, where I thought it would be of interest on account of one of its organizers getting one of the scholarships. I started to do that yesterday afternoon after posting the first two copies, but for some reason LJ started throwing 404 errors when I tried loading the updates page.

As it happens, expect to see another SFSFC announcement later today. It's unrelated, but different pieces of the corporation converged on the same point in time, and it all comes down to me because usually I write the press releases and am responsible for distributing them. As it was, I worked to separate them by at least one day. I don't like making multiple announcements on the same day; news gets lost that way.
Tags: construction, sfsfc, smofcon
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