Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Kevin Will Not Exchange Germs if Possible

I appear to have collected a cold from last night's concert, which is somewhat surprising given that I'd been taking steps such as careful hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer before eating, but them's the breaks.

I would probably have stayed at home today and worked from there -- I'm capable of working; I just am sneezing and sniffling while doing so -- but I need to hand over a package for someone to take to ArtCon/Ditto -- a revival of the Ditto fanzine fan convention in honor of Art Widner's 90th birthday, being held this weekend near Art's home in Gualala. I am not attending ArtCon -- which is probably best given the developing cold -- but Cheryl and I will be sending our best wishes to Art, along with the large card that Cheryl made for him, signed by many members of FinnCon and BASFA. The person carrying the card up for me is driving up the Peninsula, so I needed to put myself in a place where she can come to me without having to go to far out of the way -- and Fremont would have been inconveniently far away.
Tags: artcon, ditto, fandom

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