Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Night of the Deadly Bed

Cheryl, safely arrived in Boston and staying in the hotel where we'll be for SMOFCon in December, reports on a story in the Guardian that says IKEA furniture could prove dangerous because 67% of male flatpack furniture buyers don't read the instructions. Yikes! I managed to mis-assemble a couple of pieces even when I did read the instructions. (Despite IKEA's best efforts to avoid it, there are times when they end up with parts that can be assembled in two orientations, one of which is wrong, and I seem to have bad luck in guessing which way is right.)

I'm too much of an engineer to not read the directions. But as I reckon everyone has figured out by now, I'm not much of a manly man.

The title of this post, BTW, is a tribute to a 1960s TV show. Some of you may even recognize it.
Tags: cheryl, ikea, smofcon

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