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Ready for ConStruction

We got down to the hotel without incident (carpool lanes good) and moved into the hotel. The internet is free, but it's wired only. Theoretically there is wireless in the lobby, but I couldn't get my machine to connect to it. This means Cheryl and I have to take turns using the internet connection. If we'd known about this, we could have brought the little hub with us and split the connection. Actually, we managed to forget several small things, and are contemplating making a quick trip back up to Fremont late tonight when it can be done quickly on account of there being no traffic.

Having moved in and checked our respective e-mail, blogs, etc., we popped across the street to Chipotle for dinner, then walked a mile or so to help burn a little bit of the burritos before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the pre-con reception. In a few minutes, we'll head on down for dessert and socializing.
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