Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

ConStruction Mixer

We had a decent turn out for the ConStruction opening night mixer. The promised dessert service unexpectedly morphed into a light hors d'oerves and cookies service, but I thought it was okay. Chris Garcia called one platter "dessert shrimp." I took a few photos and put them on my Flickr account. I think the one of Chris (for TAFF) Garcia turned out particularly well. (Remember, TAFF voting closes in only a week! Remember to vote!)

Cheryl and I did decide to pop back up to Fremont to collect a few things we forgot, mainly because we could go to the apartment and back in less than an hour at this time of night. One thing we couldn't find is the small ethernet hub so we could share the wired connection here in the hotel room. I think I must have put it in the storage locker in the last fit of cleaning around here. Oh, well, we'll survive having to take turns.
Tags: construction
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