Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Fun With Conrunning

I've added more photos to my ConStruction 2007" set on Flickr, mostly without enough time to work on them or annotate them. I would, however, like to call attention to Chris Garcia receiving his belated birthday present (a Moomin snow globe Cheryl brought back from Finland), which he seemed to like.

On Saturday evening, bribed by the promise of ice cream sundaes (which did eventually appear), most of the approximately 35 members gathered to play If I Ran the Zoo...Con, the conrunning simulation game. Normally in this game, the role of random elements is assigned to the game official called "Murphy;" however, this time, by special arrangement by Cheryl Morgan, I was joined by the manifestation of the goddess Eris, complete with her golden apple which she presented before me when it was time to bedevil one of the teams with the consequences of their earlier actions. In addition, we had the able services of David W. Clark as the Independent Accountant.

We actually had three very good teams. Usually when I've run this game, we have at least one team get into a huge hole and lose quite badly. This time, the three teams were evenly matched, and only one point separated the three teams' scores. And that's not just because we had people playing who have played the game before, because more than half the attendees were first-time players.

I'd write more, but Cheryl has just headed off to the airport (she's going back to Boston for work reasons this week), and I need to get showered and checked out of the room before the convention's included Sunday Brunch generously provided by the San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau.
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