Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

ConStruction: That's a Wrap

After a nice brunch and a short presentation from a representative from the San Jose Convention and Visitors' Bureau this morning (not a painful one, either; it's not like they were selling timeshares), the final portion of ConStruction was a general wrap-up session where we talked about what areas people would have liked to see more of and other things of that nature.

After that, there was some break time while the staff cleared the room and we put the air-wall back in between the two rooms. SFSFC held our three-times-a-year board of directors meeting in the back half while CostumeCon used the front half to organize a mailing to its members. (I'm happy that the timing was such that we could donate the space to make it easier for CostumeCon to do their mailing.)

The meeting ran from 1:30 to just before 5 PM, including a brief coda where the existing officers (including me as Secretary) were re-elected. David Gallaher, Wolfgang Coe, and Jim Briggs were re-elected to three year terms as directors, while Sandra Childress was elected to the Board for a term. Director Craige Howlett did not stand for re-election, although he retains a non voting ex officio seat on the board as Chairman of the HPEF 2009 conference being run under SFSFC auspices.

As the meeting broke up, it finally dawned on me that I had not eaten anything since brunch ended around 10:30 or so. Bad Kevin. Bad for blood sugar levels. And I'd carried crunch bars with me for just that sort of reason; I'd simply forgotten about them, focused as I was on keeping the minutes.

ConStruction was enjoyable, and I think this might have been the most successful one so far. SFSFC has committed to organizing another one next year and also in 2010, but 2009 is going to be a very busy year for the corporation between Harry Potter and World Fantasy Con, so we are looking for another Bay Area convention group to organize the 2009 event, possibly under SFSFC's sponsorship, but not necessarily. We don't claim exclusive rights to the name "ConStruction" as a name for convention-running convention.

I didn't stick around for post-meeting dinner outings and socializing, as much as I normally enjoy such things, but instead headed home to get something to eat. I'm a bit worn out. I had some idea of maybe getting to work on the minutes -- I'm going to be too busy with my real job this week to spend any time writing corporate minutes -- but I find myself way too tired to concentrate. Instead, I think I shall unpack my bags and go to bed early. I'm glad I'm working from home tomorrow, but not so glad that I will need to be up early for the convenience of the folks on the East Coast.
Tags: construction, sfsfc

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