Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Business Meeting on DVD, Someday

Instead of going to Loscon like so many folks here in the Bay Area, I spent the weekend here at home working. Fortunately, things seem to be going pretty well on the project, so I didn't have to work too hard today, and could concentrate on things like packing for the trip to New Jersey tomorrow morning. Flight at 8, so I need to be there at 6, which means getting up at 4 so I can leave by 5 to drive to SFO. Bleah.

Meanwhile, I had time this afternoon to unpack the files that Lisa gave me at Thanksgiving, which are the videos of the three WSFS Business Meetings at Nippon 2007. (Having nothing large enough into which she could pour the files, she actually gave me the hard drive from one of her laptop computers; I'm to bring it back for Christmas.) These files are too large to upload, ranging from 0.8GB to 1.2GB each. If I have time, I will eventually try to cut them down into segments small enough to be downloaded indidvidually. In the meantime, I am at Lisa's request trying to put them onto DVD. Unfortunately, Lisa typoed the opening titles on two of the three meetings, and it's difficult to edit them. I don't have the project files, so I can't just edit the titles. I have to cut out the typoed section and insert a new section with corrected titles, then recut the movie. It takes a long time to regenerate a 1-hour video.

Just to make sure the DVD-creation software works with my DVD-RW drive (I've never used it to cut DVDs, only CDs), I'm making a simple DVD with just the three uncorrected meetings without internal chapters. Once I'm comfortable with the software and I have the corrected titles in place on the files, I can create more complicated DVDs with chapters so one can skip over meeting introductions and go straight to the important pieces. (Besides, the chapters can probably be uploaded individually.) The DVD software claims that it can fit the entire BM onto a single DVD, albeit just barely.

It's not likely that there will be many people who want the whole thing, but I'm doing this for my (and Lisa's) satisfaction. I will at least send one to the BM Secretary, pmcmurray.
Tags: business meeting, wsfs

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