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Back From the Dead

I was so tired yesterday that I nearly slept all day; however, there were errands to be run, so Cheryl and I went down to the Fremont Hub and did some shopping chores. I was still pretty tired, however, so our ambitions went no further than the four stores there. I was so zonked that I skipped posting at least a token LJ entry for the first time I can remember in at least a year. (That doesn't count the day that disappeared when I flew to Japan.)

(Edit, 13:25: I've gone back and posted a back-dated entry about my impressions of my company's facility where I was working.)

When I returned from New Jersey and started to reassemble my CPAP machine, I discovered that one of the two clips that holds the headgear to the mask had fallen off. Looks like it probably fell off when I was packing, where the clip either fell under the bed or was discarded as trash by the housekeeper. (I called the hotel to see if anything was turned in, and nothing was.) So I had to improvise with tape a way to hold things together while I wait for a replacement part to be shipped. I hate paying more in shipping charges than the cost of the part, but I want the clip in my hands before we head for Boston next Thursday for SMOFCon.

And I think I'm coming down with a cold. I hope it doesn't last long. I don't like flying with a cold. It makes me feel worse and spreads the cold to the other helpless victims on the plane.
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