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I've managed to create a DVD with the 2007 WSFS Business Meetings on it. It took a lot of time. Two of the three days' meeting videos had typos in the titles, which sounds easy to fix but is not -- it takes over an hour to regenerate the movie after you fix the title slides. Then there was the act of creating the DVD image file, which took roughly four hours. Then, when I put that DVD in the DVD player in the living room (as opposed to the one in the computer), I realized that I'd generated the menus so small as to be unreadable on an ordinary TV, so I had to go back and fix them -- followed by another four hours regeneration time. So you can see where much of my weekend went when I wasn't sleeping.

Anyway, I eventually got the DVD finished. And it even has Special Bonus Features, specifically the Worldcon Chairs Photo Session that we did after Sunday's meeting.

I won't claim that this is the most visually interesting DVD you'll ever see. The shot is primarily a fixed camera pointed at the head-table staff, so the only other people you see are the few who actually went up and stood on the tape X that was in shot. You can (mostly) hear other people's speeches, but not see them. But, boring or not, I think this is a first for WSFS Business Meetings.

After I send copies to Pat McMurray and Don Eastlake, my next project with these videos is to clip them up into pieces small enough to upload to YouTube/Google Video, probably based on the chapters I created in the individual days. I tried to put chapter marks at each change of subject, so you could skip past the introductions and routine business and (say) jump straight to the debate on Best Artist Hugo Eligibility.

I may bring a few copies with me to SMOFCon, if anyone expresses interest in getting copies. I'm not intending to make a lot of copies, so if you are interested, let me know.
Tags: business meeting, wsfs

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