Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


People on the train were complaining about why Amtrak didn't add more cars to the train. I explained that (a) the cars belong to the state of California, not to Amtrak, and (b) There aren't spares to add to these trains.

We're being further delayed here because, if I heard the radio correctly, Amtrak #5, the California Zephyr is making its stop coming the other way and we need to wait for it to finish its work at Davis before we can make our station stop. We pulled into Davis station, but did not open the doors, waiting for #5 to get out of town. As #5 pulled out, I saw that there were two private dome cars tacked onto the end of it. Ah, that's the way to travel!

Scheduled: 3:27
Actual: 4:43

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