Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Should Have Been Asleep Two Hours Ago...

...but we had a little excitement around here, as did probably a bunch of other people using the affected add-in. Once that was resolved, it was time to pack for the trip to Boston tomorrow, Cheryl and I are on different flights (me on USAir using frequent-flier points inherited from America West, Cheryl on United), and my flight is first -- 7:20 AM -- which means we need to be out of here by 5 AM tomorrow, which means getting up at 4 AM. Ugh. Cheryl leaves something like 90 minutes or so after me, but because she's going direct while I get to go via Charlotte, she'll arrive before me.

I'm not expecting to be back online again until I get to Boston late Thursday night.
Tags: smofcon, travel

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