Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Dave Gallaher Blows My Fuse

dave_gallaher e-mailed me a 14-page document and asked me to print a couple of copies and give them to Ben Yalow and Elspeth Kovar here at SMOFCon. This should have been easy enough. There is a computer and printer here in the con suite, and they even set up the router and provided ways to connect to it. Unfortunately, for some reason, I was unable to access the network printer, and the one computer definitely connected to the printer has been monopolized, so even though I downloaded the file to a USB key, I couldn't print it.

Elspeth Kovar came looking for me. I explained the willingness to print but the lack of access to printing hardware. She suggested we go to the hotel's lobby computer, where we could print small jobs like this quickly. We went down there and I launched the print job. Seven pages in to the document, the lobby fuse blew on the outlet to which the computer and the hotel's Christmas display.

A nice woman at the hotel's front front desk said I could come and print the document at one of their stations. I started printing. The printer broke. Feeling cursed, I tried another machine and printer. This time it worked. Whew.

I have folks standing here waiting for me to finish this so we can go have dinner. So maybe I'd better go!
Tags: smofcon

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