Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Everyone Expects This Fannish Inquistion

The traditional Fannish Inquisition started shortly after the scheduled 9 PM after the assembled SMOFs had availed themselves of the massive cheeseboard consisting of cheeses members had brought to the convention, including our contribution of Northern California cheeses and also some fine Finnish cheeses Eemeli Aro carried over. Cheryl and I, having come back from dinner fairly early, had the advantage of hitting the cheese early – the Pt. Reyes Blue Raw was particularly good, but there were many other excellent cheeses on offer -- so we were pretty sated by the time most people rolled in.

Host Joe Siclari presided over the grilling of the cons and bids. A difference over past years: Con and bid leaders were put in the "hot seat" and told they would need to answer quickly, and that the audience would help determine if they were waffling. Staff passed through the audience distributing sticks with pictures of, on one side, a "thumbs up," and on the other, a stack of waffles.

I decided that I would try to take down as much of the Q&A as I could. This was not easy. I didn't catch everything, and I don't pretend that the following is 100% accurate. I may well have not completely accurately represented what the bids and conventions meant, so you would be advised to check with them if you have any questions about anything in particular. I also probably misspelled some people's names, and for that I apologize.

Because this went on for so long – we were there for more than two and a half hours – I split it into several postings. The next (following this introduction) is for the 2008 Worldcon; then for 2009; after that for Worldcon bids; finally, for SMOFCon bids and site selection.
Tags: smofcon, worldcon

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