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Yuba City

I needn't have hurried to shut down my computer. It was at least five minutes before I could move (other than to get out of the way of other people) because my large luggage was in the luggage rack at the opposite end of the car from me, and I had to wait for everyone else to get out before I could go get it. I couldn't see Lisa from where I was sitting, so I switched my radio back into the ham bands to the frequency we monitor (147.540) and hailed her. She came back right away, and said it was good that I was taking my time, because she hadn't been able to find a place to park anyway and was still driving around the area.

A few minutes later, I got down out of the train and off the platform. Getting off to the side of the crush of people still pouring into the station and toward the connecting buses, I called her again. She said, "I'm just approaching the head of the train now." Looking up, I saw her walking toward me. While I'd been working my way out of the train, she'd found a curbside space near the station and had walked over to meet me.

After using the restroom, we rolled my luggage over to the van and were shortly on our way to Yuba City. Traffic was heavy, but moving, as we did the hardest part (the ten miles from downtown to the CA-99/70 interchange north of Sacramento) without too much delay. From there, it was routine, except that they've torn up the frontage road by which we normally access the hotel from the north, so we had to turn around and go a couple of miles roundabout to get at the south-facing entrance. We took that opportunity to get some take-out food and groceries for the four nights we will be here -- although it's likely we'll eat Thanksgiving leftovers tomorrow and the next day.

After dinner, I needed a walk, and realized that I'd forgotten to get Diet Coke, so we went walking toward the construction site (there is a Raley's supermarket on the other side of it) and found that while the road is closed, there is still pedestrian access, barely.

Finally (and obviously, since I'm posting this), I got the internet service working in the room. I'm pleased to find that the wired service gateway can be shared between two computers using the small hub I brought with me. This may be handy to know in the future.

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