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SMOFCon 2008: Showdown at Boston

All but one of the past SMOFCons has been selected by acclamation, with only one bid, and any competition withdrawing. The only time it went to a vote, the vote was deadlocked with a tie, and the selection was made by a coin flip.

There were two bidders for 2008, and neither was willing to withdraw, so we heard presentations from both of them.


Kim Williams represented Columbus OH. Spoke last year about interest and theme, complimenting this year's Marketing: What do you do with them once you've got them? We are bribing people with home-made fudge [circulated]. Dates would be either the first or second weekend of December, depending on feeling of people here this year.

Room rates are $108/night at Drury Inn downtown. Suites are $120/night including breakfast, internet, hospitality hour. Directly across from Arena district, with lots of restaurants, although not wintertime walking distance.

[Waffle about whether Ohio is "Midwest" or not.]

Q. What sort of facility setup?
A. [Waffle about hot tub and pool.] One large room abut 2/3 size of this big room here in Boston; we wouldn't expect to need as much space as this year. A central mixing area [like the Chicago SMOFCon a few years ago] would be an extension of Con Suite.

Q. Time zone?
A. Eastern.

Q. Major airport and connections downtown?
A. Port Columbus, 7 minutes from downtown; City Shuttle costs $9.

[This last was a follow-up answered later]

Q. Meeting Room? Only One?
A. One dividable function room, plus suites usable for small functions.


Michael Pins represented Boulder CO for 2008 SMOFCon. It's a beautiful city. [Waffle over weather.] Hotel is in flux; have been talking with people here at SMOFCon. One hotel is directly downtown, with 75 restaurants within 1/3 mile of hotel, but would be more expensive. Less expensive ($99/night) hotel would be a couple miles away.

Q. Theme?
A. "What Problems Are We Trying to Solve?" Why are we doing the things we do?

Q. What would the downtown hotel room rates be for this weekend?
A. $160 base rates, from which they would come down of course. They are all but empty this weekend next year.

Q. Air Access
A. Fly to Denver, then $46 R/T Super Shuttle, 45-minute ride.

Q. What local fans would be working on it?
A. All three of us.

Q. Would we be required to drink Coors?
A. Boulder has more brewpubs per capita than any city in America.

[Waffle and more silly questions.]

Q. Dates?
A. First weekend of December.

Q. Parking?
A. Free at the Millennium; the other one has $8/day valet parking.

Neither bid withdrew after the presentations, so at 11:08, a secret ballot was requested. Tellers passed through the audience with tickets to be used as ballots. Much waffle and rumble and confusion ensued. While the tellers retired to count ballots, future bids expressed interest.


Karen Meshke announced further interest in Austin TX, downtown, and distributed a 4-page informational flyer. Theme: Time and Time Management. First weekend December. Hotels $139 or less. [More waffle, not recorded; besides, my computer's batteries needed changing.

2010 and later:

Glenn Glazer is bidding for 2010 in San Jose. Glenn ran through the proposed committee, including Craige Howlett (co-chair), Tom Whitmore (programming), Jan Price (hospitality), Sandra Childress (fun).

Facilities: $119 Fairmont downtown (free wi-fi); also considering SJ Hilton. Dates first weekend December.

Laurie and Jim Mann discussed a Pittsburgh in 2010 or 2011 bid, and spoke glowingly of their city.

James Daugherty and Bobbi Armbruster bidding for a relaxing SMOFCon in Maui in 2011. (Aloooooha!)

Vince Docherty is, as in the past, interested in Amsterdam for 2011 at the earliest, but not much later, either. Thanks to certain "special cafes," it would be a very relaxed SMOFCon for some people. Would be for December; it would be a good time to visit Amsterdam.

At 11:24, the Tellers returned with the results. I rearrange them below into the standard form of election recommended by Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

2008 SMOFCon Site Selection

61 Columbus
59 Denver
1 Fresno

121 with preference
61 needed to elect (majority)
3 Blank (including "This Ballot Intentionally Left Blank")
124 total ballots

By a consensus of the attendees here, the first weekend of December was preferred.

Note that had they had one fewer vote, or if there had been any more humorous write-ins, nobody would have had a majority!

The Inquisition wrapped up around 11:30.

Edit, Sunday 11:30: Corrected title to reflect year actually being selected.
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