Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Framed

Cheryl has received a nice print from John Picacio of the cover from The Empire of Ice Cream. It certainly deserves framing, so we went over to Michael's this evening to arrange for it. While Cheryl was dealing with the framer, and in particular when she went to pay for the framing, I realized that I'd left my wallet on my desk at home. Whoops. That means that technically I shouldn't be driving. Five would get you ten that a Fremont police officer would notice a burnt-out tail light or something like that.

I explained this to Cheryl, and she volunteered to drive us home. She has a UK driving license, and because she's legally a visitor to the USA, that's sufficient. (While she was living here on an H-1B, we think she couldn't legally drive here on her UK license.) But I had to behave myself. I'm a very bad passenger much of the time, which is funny because I don't really enjoy driving that much myself. Anyway, I managed to stay relaxed for the two-mile drive home.

Michael's is offering 50% off on custom framing this week only. Maybe I should go and finally have framed the original artwork for the cover to MythAdventures #11 -- on which I am one of the Tuckerized characters; the one in the red shirt in the lower right in the picture to which I linked.
Tags: mythadventures

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