Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Courage of His Convictions

jaylake, having consulted with me on the technical issues, and having had me point him at the official article on changing the rules, has decided to stick his head in the lion's mouth and undertake a campaign to create a lifetime achievement Hugo Award.

Inasmuch as I believe that comments are better made over on his LJ or on the SF Awards Watch discussion on this subject, I've disabled comments here. I am an adviser on this project on technical and parliamentary drafting matters, as I think everyone knows by now that I'll help anyone get their proposal into the proper format so that the debate on the subject can focus on substantive and not technical issues.

Edit, 14 Dec 14:45: Minor edit to clarify that Jay is campaigning to create such a category, not to try and win one himself. What a difference a preposition makes!
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