Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

What a Difference a SMOF (or 40) Makes

The immediate result of me mentioning the Semiprozine Hugo Poll here and on the SMOFS e-mail list was that "Scrap the Category" shot way out in front of all the other options. This is rather important, as the people on the SMOFS list are more likely than the average fan to actually attend the WSFS Business Meeting and vote, so while it's a biased sample, it's a biased sample that may well reflect how a proposal to strike out Semiprozine would fare before the WSFS Business Meeting.

I've heard several notable SMOFS say they're just about ready to launch a proposal to strike out Semiprozine. Furthermore, people who seem to think there is a Law of Conservation of Hugo Number might be more likely to vote in favor of creating a new category (pick what you want) if an existing category were to go away at the same time.
Tags: hugo award

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