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Ah, Luxury...

Last night, after a decent and affordable if not spectacular dinner at a Japanese seafood buffet restaurant in Marysville (I noted that it's in the same building where Blue Shield of California had a Medicare claims processing office back when I worked for them as an analyst -- I've been to that office), we went back to the hotel to take advantage of the facilities. We first went for a walk to try and work off part of the big meal, then went to the mini-gym, where I walked some more and Cheryl rode the exercise bicycle because the other treadmill was broken. My blood sugar reading an hour later suggests that this exercise did what it was supposed to do.

Having worked, we could then relax in the hot tub for a while and hatch fiendish SMOFfish plots. (No, we won't tell you what they are; they're secret, after all.) It was a cold (by local standards) and foggy evening, and the hot tub is outdoors, so going into the adjacent sauna was nice, too, although of course you can't stay in that near-200-F room for very long. After a couple of doses of the sauna (which incidentally dried off most of the water from the hot tub), walking back to the hotel room, steaming in our swimsuits, did not seem so bad. I reckon it takes a few minutes for all of the heat to leak out.

We brought along the back massager that Cheryl bought for us last weekend in Boston, and I left it grind away at my back muscles for a while. Then, feeling very decadent, it was time for a long night's undisturbed sleep. This morning, the only reason we had to be up before 9 AM was so we could get our included breakfast. The hotel is sufficiently slow today that I don't see them being in a rush to get us out of here on the stroke of the 11 AM check-out, so we're taking our time getting cleaned up and packed. No hurries, no worries.

The Holiday Inn Express is not a luxury hotel. However, the only time I stay at luxury hotels, I'm generally working or attending a convention, rushing around, getting too little sleep, and never having any time to use the nice facilities. That makes nights like last night all that more welcome. Besides, the rooms here are the size of mini-suites at many "luxury" hotels.
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