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Thanksgiving Dinner; Blood Donation

We went out to my grandfather's house in Sutter, where my mother was working on Thanksgiving dinner. My sister, Kelli, was there. Kelli's leukemia has been in and out of remission these past couple of years, and in an additional complication, she's going to have to have surgery in a couple of weeks. Apparently blood transfusions (which may be needed) are not covered by Medi-Cal. I inquired about using blood from me. She said that they told her there was a $350 fee to use a specifically-donated unit, but that I could just go donate a unit of blood and give her the receipt, and it would count as credit should she need a unit herself. Neither Kelli nor I know what our blood types are, but as we are matches should she need a marrow transplant someday, I assume we're the same blood type. Mom says she is O+, so that means it's actually impossible for Kelli or I to be the rare AB type: we can be A, B, or O depending on my father's type.

There is apparently a place here in town where I can walk in tomorrow morning (they will be open Friday) and do such a donation, so for Kelli's sake, I'll give it a try, if they'll take me. I'm thankful that I can do something to help my sister here, whose health problems make mine look small.

In the meantime, we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family. And I was very thankful that, even without having taken a walk after a traditional dinner (turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and a small slice of pumpkin pie for dessert), my blood sugar was a perfectly-normal 108. (Lisa and I took a walk down to my old high school afterwards for good measure.)

I'm trying to take it easy this weekend. My hotel room is right next to the pool, so we'll probably hit the hot tub later tonight.

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