Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Medical Day

This morning I had my quarterly diabetes check-up. The verdict is that my doctor is mystified as to how I've been able to control my blood pressure (with light medication) and diabetes (diet & exercise only) while not losing any more weight. "Lose more weight!" he says, and he's right.

Now I'm off to the eye doctor to have my eyes examined. I made this appointment when my eye started twitching in New Jersey. With me, twitchy eye usually means "time for new glasses," but since the eye stopped twitching once I left New Jersey, I reckon it really mean "lights too bright and not enough sleep and too much stress." Still, for insurance timing reasons, if I do need new glasses, it's best to have the eye exam in late December and to not buy the new glasses until January.
Tags: medical
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