Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Let it Snow

I have posted back-dated entries about my Christmas holiday starting here in case anyone is interested, including photos of our little Christmas tree and the model train that runs around its base.

Yesterday afternoon, the rain that has been nearly continuous these past few days turned to snow, and unlike the previous snow that came and went, this kept falling. Snow is better than rain as long as it doesn't get too deep for walking, though, and we got out for walks twice yesterday. One of my two pedometers says I actually broke 10,000 steps yesterday, which made me feel better considering how shut-in we've been.

Overnight the snow kept falling and some of it managed to stick. I awoke to see about an inch of snow on the ground. Light snow continued to fall throughout the morning, but now it's turning to rain as the temperatures creep just above freezing, so presumably much of this accumulation will go away soon.

Although my home town, Challenge, is in the Sierra Nevada foothills and does get snow from time to time, I haven't lived in snow country since my junior year of high school. Yes, I know those of you who have to deal with large amounts of snow all the time rightfully scoff at this tiny inch-or-three accumulation we have here. For me, it's a novelty, but one best appreciated from indoors with a warm fire. Still, I think I'd rather have the snow than the darn freezing rain.
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