Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Connection Nuisance

As I've previously explained I connect to the internet through my father-in-law's network when I'm here in Mehama. Lisa ran a cable from the router in his office through some conduit under the house out to the living room/dining room area, where I normally connect. This morning, rather unexpectedly, the line dropped connection. Doing some troubleshooting, it appears that the problem is in the long came from his office through the conduit, which of course means it will be a hassle to replace. Actually running a new line isn't that hard, as we could just tie a new line to the old one and pull the old one through, but we don't have a replacement cable long enough and will have to go buy one. Fortunately, he also has a wireless network, and I'm easily connected through it now. I simply prefer to connect to the wired network when it's available.
Tags: lisa

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