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Well, That Took Longer Than I Expected

You can tell the weather isn't good when freezing rain means "better" i.e. "the snow has stopped, so we'd better run into Salem and buy more propane." Just before 4, we headed in to get that done before the vendor closed at 5 PM. To my surprise, Lisa wanted to go to Fry's up in Wilsonville, and after getting some things there -- taking advantage of the lack of sales tax, I bought another hard drive for my laptop so I'll have two and can use the second as a cloned backup for the first -- we stopped for dinner. Then we bought the groceries we haven't been able to get for the past several days. One thing having lead to another, we didn't get back home until 9 PM.

The wired connection on my father-in-law's network came back up for a while, and then dropped suddenly again. Darn intermittent errors. Lisa says there's an access panel to the under-floor wiring conduit and that she'll see about working on it tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm going to set up this new drive to clone the existing one and head back "home" for the night.

Pity we didn't get any pictures of the place all covered in snow before it turned back into rain and turned a pretty covering of snow into dirty slush.
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