Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bonus Medical Money

I hadn't been paying close attention to my medical flexible spending account, but I thought the account was completely empty. As I entered my last paycheck of the year this morning, I looked more closely at the FSA details and found that there was $27.60 remaining balance. Fortunately, this won't go to waste, and I don't have to go running around trying to find something eligible on which to spend it this weekend, because I can put in a claim for the remaining money as the copayment on my dental appointment a few weeks ago. Because I'd though there was no money left in the account, I hadn't submitted a claim against it. I have until March to submit the claim, although it has to be for services/goods purchased in calendar year 2007. Not that it would have been that difficult to find the expenses. The batteries in my blood sugar meter need replacing, for instance, and I can always buy some more Breath-Right strips, and both of those are eligible as non-prescription medical items not covered by insurance.
Tags: medical
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