Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Long Cold Day

Today the weather cleared. As soon as we were awake, fed, and dressed, we started working on assembling the trailer shelter, and we were at it all day until after sunset. The day stayed clear until around 4 PM when freezing fog started rolling in, but we kept after it until about 5:30. It was a lot of work, and we did not get it finished. Because it's basically a bunch of pipe sections and not standard assemblies, everything is custom-fitted. While we're re-using some of the material from the previous shelter, nothing seems to fit exactly the way it did before. So while we got the main framework done and most of the cross-braces installed, there's still a couple of the runners along the length of the framework that need installing, and also one of the two lengths of lumber that also runs along the length just above head height. The wood is there so that we have something to which we can staple the plastic sheeting.

While we didn't get the plastic sheeting up to complete the shelter -- Lisa estimates that's nearly and all-day job by itself -- we did get a significant portion of the job done. Unfortunately, we have no more time yet, as I'm heading back to California tomorrow afternoon. So unfortunately it may not be until February or so before we can finish this, unless Lisa is able to score someone else to help her or if she can get it done herself. Still, she says having me there made a huge difference, because I could hand things up to the roof or brace things that would be awkward for one person, and so forth.

After spending a day standing in the cold, I ache considerably. I said to Lisa, "I wish we were at a hotel with a big hot tub," and she seconded that notion.
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