Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fine Dining in Fremont

As we did about this time last year, and for the same reason (a farewell dinner, as she heads back to the UK this week), Cheryl and I went out to dinner tonight at Papillon, a nice fine-dining restaurant hidden away here in suburban Fremont. This place is nice. We did the whole meal from starters to desserts. (I'm going to take a blood test in a few minutes to make sure my blood sugar didn't spike too badly after having had a pumpkin crème brûlée.) They also do table-side flambés, as we witnessed when a family sitting near us ordered one.

I started with lobster ravioli, and had one of this evening's specials: mahi-mahi with sweet potato mash with a lobster-shrimp sauce. Both were excellent. Cheryl started with oysters and had seafood Wellington, which she said was also good.

The restaurant's owner is a garrulous older gentleman who comes around and talks to all of the customers, makes wine and dessert recommendations ("I've picked every wine we serve; I have to keep up the quality control," he said, brandishing a glass), and so forth. The formally-dressed staff seem to have been with the place a long time. They were attentive without being smothering. And although we were the last customers of the evening -- we arrived at 8 PM and were finishing coffee at 9:15 or so -- we never got the impression they were trying to shoo us out so that they could close.

As I said, it's a nice place, and something that the foodies among us here might enjoy. It's pricey -- $125 for two people including gratuity -- and thus not something we can do that often. But it's a nice treat once a year or so.
Tags: cheryl, food
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