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Match Game DVD

Cheryl bought me the Match Game DVD Game for Christmas, but I did not get around to opening it up until this evening. What they've done is packaged up 25 old Match Game episodes in what you might call "home game" form, for up to six players.

There are some oddities. For some reasons, they only have five celebrities, instead of six. The 1990s revival of the show had five panelists, but this is the 1970s version of the show. Also, they aren't using any of the various themes from the show, but seem to have tried to create a theme that sort of evokes earlier versions. Possibly they needed to license the rights from Score Productions separately, and maybe pay rights fees to the the celebrities and kept their costs down by using only five instead of six.

The game-play portions outside of the old clips, including instructions to us playing at home, are hosted by Todd Newton, who is most familiar to me as the host of Whammy: The All New Press Your Luck. (And I didn't realize that Whammy lasted less than two years; I also realized when reading its Wikipedia page that the episode I saw a few days ago must have been one of the first two episodes of the first season, due to variations from standard game play. But I digress.)

The game consists of four rounds. Round 1 is the original game round 1. We hear/see Gene Rayburn read the question, after which the contestants have an opportunity to record their answers in secret. (Unlike the real game, all players compete at the same time, each player writing his/her answers on an erasable board.) Then we see the panelists give their responses, usually only in voice over with a few bits of video clipped in. Then the game asks how many matches each contestant got, and credits the contestant with $50 for each correct answer. Then we repeat the process for the second Round 1 question.

Those contestants in the lead at this point then play round 2, which is the Super Match from the original game. They can win $100/$250/$500 to add to their score.

Game round 3 is original game round 2, with the same play as round 1 except that correct answers are $100. (Considering that it's much more difficult to match a round 1 question, they'd've been better off doing it the other way around, but never mind.) If there is a tie, there is a tie-breaking mechanism that I didn't try out.

The contestant with the most money has won, but does play round 4, which is the celebrity match. If you win, the game doubles your final score, which is sort of meaningless, but mildly fun anyway.

There are only 25 games on the DVD, so I'm not going to watch through them necessarily, although I did already pick up one question that would work on Match Game SF.

One thing I'm considering is lifting the six erasable boards from the game set and making them part of the Match Game SF equipment. One of the most time-consuming parts of the setup for the live show is printing several hundred blank index cards with the game logo. And you have to provide for trash bags to throw the used cards, as well. Using erasable boards (which are imprinted with the game logo) would simplify that. On the other hand, index cards are what the original game uses, and using cards imprinted with bigblued's custom build of the Match Game SF logo does add something to the game, I think. But I'm biased. What do those of you who have played and watched our live SF-themed version of the game think? Is it better to use the true-to-original cards or the easier-to-manage erasable boards?
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