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A Bit of a Setback

Lisa called me yesterday afternoon in a very unhappy mood. It had finally cleared up enough for her to go up on the roof of the trailer to try and put in more supports and maybe even try to put up the plastic cover. It's much more difficult to do this alone, without me to fetch and carry things. While on the roof, she slipped, grabbed for one of the supports, and broke it.

And then she fell off the roof.

Thank goodness she wasn't seriously injured. Nothing broken, at least. She got a nasty long cut down one arm, but it wasn't deep. She pulled herself together, went inside, and cleaned and disinfected the cut, wrapped it up, then went back outside to assess the damage.

She's decided that much of the work we'd done when I was up there is a total loss. Two of the A-frames broke completely, and other pieces of the structure were badly bent. She had to go back up there and disassemble the whole frame because a loose strut could have come down and punched a hole in the roof. Now there is a big pile of bent pipe next to the trailer.

Needless to say, She Was Not Amused.

When she gets her confidence back enough to do so, she says she may call the metal-frame shelter company in Stayton that we've driven past. She really would be much happier if I were there doing this for her. The problem is that contractors tend to be so erratic in their schedules that I can't guarantee that I'll be there. I mean, if I call them now, they may want to be there tomorrow -- or maybe next month, but if I arrange to be up there, they may have last-minute problems and not be able to come when promised. At least that's been my experience with these things.

So unfortunately, it looks like the trailer will stay unsheltered for now, which makes Lisa even more cross. She hates the sound of rain on the roof, because every drop sounds to her like the roof wearing away.
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