Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spot the Anomaly

Below is a picture of my dull, boring, 1989 Chevrolet Astro minivan. There are are a couple of oddball things about it. You may or may not be able to spot them in this photo. My userpic on this post is a hint to one of them, as are the tags on this message.

I have to admit that the oddities are not obvious at this resolution, so here are close-ups.

Although the bracket holding my license place unfortunately blocks the top line of this plate cover, I do wonder if anyone following me has ever spotted where this van claims to have been purchased.

This was a Christmas present from Lisa. It's just the sort of thing for coupling on a (North American standard) boxcar before heading down the tracks. Well, it would be if it weren't that this isn't really a functional knuckle coupler.

Before you ask: Yes, I have managed to bark my knee on the thing once already, as it juts out behind the van a fair bit. And I probably should buy a little chain and lock for the thing rather than rely on the cotter pin, given how easy it would be to steal the thing as it stands right now.
Tags: firesign theatre, trains, van
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