Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Australian Sports Overload

I have an embarrassment of sport to watch this week, between the Australian Open tennis (starts 4 PM my time) and the India v. Australia cricket in Perth (starts 6:30 PM). This evening, I had the cricket running on streaming video and the tennis on the Tennis Channel, and I was switching the audio back and forth between them trying to keep track of everything going on. And it was all action in the cricket, too, with the last four wickets of India's first innings falling pretty quickly, followed by Australia unaccountably dropping three wickets in short order before the lunch break.

Ironically, I ended up with a break in both at the same time, as the Tennis Channel coverage ended at 8:30 my time just as the cricket went for lunch, and the ESPN2 continuing coverage of tennis is being delayed by a basketball game. Hm, maybe that will give me time to have dinner.

Addendum: And a new episode of MythBusters. Ack! And you can't take your eye off the cricket, as the Australians tried to melt down, dropping two more wickets quickly after lunch.
Tags: cricket, tennis

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