Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Meeting Day

This morning I woke up and turned on the TV. I saw tennis, and assumed that ESPN were replaying one of the many exciting matches from yesterday. Then I saw the LIVE bug in the corner of the screen and realized that they were still playing at 3 AM. What a match, and what a day yesterday was.

Because I stayed through the end of the Lleyton Hewitt - Marcos Baghdatis match (another five-setter), I was late heading down to the San Jose Doubletree for the CostumeCon 26 committee meeting, but was fortunately only five minutes late.

CC26 is coming together quite nicely, I think, and we had a productive meeting going over all of the progress to date. I confirmed a few things about my area (site selection voting administration) and looked on admiringly at how plans are working out. Of course, many of us working on this convention are intimately familiar with the site, as we've been attending and organizing conventions in it for more than twenty years. The Doubletree is darn near close to being the perfect SF convention hotel for events between 750 and 2000 or so attendees.

When we broke for lunch, many of us walked down to the small strip mall that was built not too long ago and that contains a Chipotle, Hawaiian BBQ, Pho noodle, Subway sandwich shop, and a Starbucks. This makes what was a good site even better, because one real drawback of the Doubletree was that there was almost no place to eat within convenient walking distance. The strip mall in question is about 3/8 mile (about 1/2 km) from the hotel. Because trying to take the relatively straight-line path from the hotel leads you to an illegal crossing, I worked out the legal, level, accessible path between the hotel and the food.

Now, even 3/8 mile may seem like a long walk to some people; however, it's only a tiny bit longer than the walk from the "Fan Table" area through the hotel and to the furthest reaches of the "Back 40" overflow parking lot. If you're used to making that walk during a large-attendance event at the Doubletree, then the walk the same distance the other direction shouldn't be a problem.

After our meeting ended, many of our group headed down to the Further ConFusion meeting that was happening elsewhere in the hotel. FurCon starts this coming week, so they were in high gear, but as I'm not going to be able to attend, I decided to head on home. I made a couple of shopping stops along the way, but I wanted to get home with enough light to make a walk around Quarry Lakes. I had just barely enough time -- by the time I got home, the sun was fully down and twilight was advance, but I made it.

Now I can sit back, relax a bit, and watch the Australian Open without bouncing back and forth between it and the cricket.
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