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More About Slot Machines

As I mentioned earlier, Lisa is unhappy that the casinos have mostly gone to non-coin slots, dispensing tickets that have to be redeemed from machines rather than paying coins that fall with a satisfactory clunk into the bucket. After breakfast this morning at the Silver Legacy, we were walking through the casino -- not very busy at 10 AM -- and she spotted a management-looking person. Buttonholing this assistant casino manager, she told him how disappointed she was with this switch, which most of the casinos seem to be making. He said they switched over last October.

She said that one of the main reasons she came to Reno was for the slots, but if they're all going coinless, she might as well just go to the Indian casinos back home.

The manager looked pained. "Ouch, that hurts," he said, as he admitted that other customers had been expressing similar complaints about the changes.

It's unlikely that these complaints will change the casinos' decisions. The case for coinless seems pretty obvious: less coin handling means fewer people handling the money, less mechanical hassle, and so forth. But Lisa says she wouldn't be surprised that the casinos will see a further drop in business as they convert themselves into something that you could do just as easily on the internet.
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